Enabling Digital

Qbend helps publishers multiply value from their content through strong publishing expertise, state-of-the-art platforms and robust technology

Elsevier adopts Qbend technologies for agile publishing

World's leading STM publisher, Elsevier, uses Qbend's technologies for content repurposing resulting in faster turnaround, higher savings and better products.

Wolters-Kluwer Custom Solutions is powered by SNAP

Wolters-Kluwer Law and Business uses the SNAP platform to create custom textbooks for various law schools across the United States in both print and digital formats.

Content Repurposing

Qbend's SNAP is the ideal platform to produce and repurpose content for various digital and print channels. S.N.A.P. outputs a variety of formats out-of-the-box—for print, web, eBooks and mobile. These can be easily distributed to various channels through the Qbend eStore.

Technology Solutions

Qbend's strong publishing expertise combined with software development capabilities helps content owners to leverage efficiencies in their content production and processing workflows by offering consulting and custom software development services.

Digital Distribution

Qbend's eStore platform helps storefronts to be built for selling, renting and providing subscriptions to digital and print content.

The Digital Access System (DAS) solutions help content owners distribute their content digitally through a secure channel.

Qbend for Agility

Consumers need more choices on how they consume content and their behavior drives the consumption pattern. Publishers need to be agile and be able to adapt their strategies to the ever-changing market needs.

Publishers around the globe trust Qbend to manage their content, deliver fast results, future-proof their strategy and make them responsive to the market needs. Qbend provides software platforms for end-to-end digital needs from content creation to processing to distribution.

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