Technology that works for you

Qbend combines publishing expertise, software experience, and customer analytics insights to create customized software solutions to deliver value to your business


Qbend's Tech Solutions specializes in building software around content technologies to help content owners derive maximum value from their processes.


Qbend's expertise in delivering cloud-based software as SaaS for various top publishing companies in the world enables content owners to leverage that expertise in building their own cloud systems.


Qbend's Tech Solutions builds and deploys custom software for organizations by using technology to simplify their processes and scale up their operations.

Technology solutions cycle

Qbend's Tech Solutions cycle is based on agile development methodologies and a continuous improvement cycle to deliver the best results for our customers.

Consulting: With a strong understanding of the content space including publishing, media, content technologies, platforms, etc., Qbend provides incredible insights into problems that the customers face.

Planning: Core publishing domain expertise enables Qbend to properly plan the development project taking into consideration the needs of various stakeholders in the workflow like authors, editors, typesetters, designers and the readers.

Development: Qbend's experience in development various cloud-based products and the strength in web development provides a strong platform for building content systems and other software solutions for publishers.

Deployment: Qbend has worked with various publishers around the world - from conceptual stage to delivering workable solutions - and hence has a robust solution deployment mechanism and a monitoring mechanism to ensure it works as it is intended to.



Content engineering using XML and XML-related technologies like XSLT, XPath, XQuery, database solutions, etc.


Building and delivering cloud-based services for storage, retrieval and use of content like Qbend's S.N.A.P. or the eStore


Solutions for delivering content on the mobile devices including defining user experience, design, and optimization


Building web-based technologies, portals, content systems for workflow management, process improvement and analytics

Featured Project

Periodicals are easily some of the most complex products in traditional publishing - with their shorter deadlines, multiple contributors and collaborators, delivery and distribution across multiple media and other critical factors like cost.

The need of the hour is for a simplified, technology-driven solution that enables structured authoring, collaborative development during content creation and production, rapid multi-channel output, non-linear production models and savings in time and cost.

Qbend's Tech Solutions has built such a solution that is already delivering great results in terms of efficiencies and cost savings for Elsevier, the leading global STM publisher.

Qbend enables publishers worldwide to help them handle the new age publishing process with ease, scalability and flexibility.

Where Would Qbend's Tech solutions Fit?

Publishing is a complex process with so many activities coming together to produce a book or journal or other publications. Developments in many of these departments make them move farther and farther away from each other in terms of collaborative working and creates silos within the publishing organization.

Often, integration between these departments are loosely coupled and do not take advantage of the efficiencies that can be brought to the process by a tighter coupling.

Qbend's Tech Solutions will help identify these potential opportunities and develop systems that can enable better collaboration, information sharing and exchange of data across the organization to derive maximum value from the publishing process.

The systems developed will be built exactly to the needs of the publishing organization with future scalability and adaptability in mind.

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